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A perfect coffee every time

Just imagine your Bali ‘local’ was a place where you could get not just a reliable,
but a great, coffee lovingly brewed by expert baristas all day, every day.
Why settle for mediocrity when you can enjoy a consistently great espresso-made
brew at Bali Buzzz Coffee?

Coffee-lovers, discover why Bali’s ‘buzzzing’ about us, the best coffee experience in our island paradise.
Whether it’s a morning ‘hit’, a social cup, a mid-afternoon perk or an after-dinner wind-down,
we are the buzzz you need.
We deliver a superb coffee blend that’s fast, affordable and convenient, all with that world-famous Balinese smile.
Bali Buzzz Coffee exclusively brings you Italy’s most-loved, and one of the best recognized roasted coffee brands on Earth, ‘LavAzza’.
Established since 1895, LavAzza was the first coffee roaster to combine beans from different origins to enrich the flavour of its coffee blends.
It sources only the best quality coffee beans from Indonesia, Brazil, Columbia, America and Africa.
Bali Buzzz is where West meets East. We’re the real deal, the robust brew, the ‘full cup’ of the Bali coffee scene.
It’s where you belong, and where you’ll have the best coffee of your day, every day.

Get your Bali Buzzz fix from us,

because everybody needs a

Kiosk Locations

Bali Surf  Outlet
Jln By Pass Ngurah Rai Kuta,
Kabupaten badung,
Bali 80361

Buzzz Café
Jln. Raya Semer,
39 Kerobokan, Badung,
Bali, 80361



+62 812 3982 7080


Jln. Raya Semer,
39 Kerobokan, Badung,
Bali, 80361