A perfect coffee every time


Just imagine your Bali ‘local’ was a place where you could get not just a reliable, but a great, strong coffee lovingly brewed by expert baristas all day, every day, at Bali Buzzz Coffee 


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Italian LavAzza coffee brought with  unique aroma

Coffee-lovers, discover why Bali’s ‘buzzzingabout us, the best coffee experience in our island paradise reaches your lips.  

Only the Best

Tasty treats with fresh ingredients 

Bali Buzzz Coffee brings you Italy’s most-loved, and one of the best recognised roasted coffee brands on Earth, LavAzza. Established since 1895, LavAzza was the first coffee roaster to combine beans from different origins to enrich the flavour of its coffee blends. It sources only the best quality coffee beans from Indonesia, Brazil, Columbia, America and Africa.  

Buzzz Coffee will be popping up in many places around Bali and is where West meets East in every single espresso, cappuccino, latte, flat white, long black, moccha or chai latte.  

To complete the perfect coffee comes a freshly made muffins, croissants, cakes or a cookie of the highest quality to compliment your experience. 

‘’everybody needs a ‘Buzzz’’